Should You Sell Your HDB Now ? - 2021

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Should You Sell Your HDB Now ? - 2021

HDB prices have been rising since 3Q 2019 (lowest)



HDB Prices has increased 5.5% since the lowest 3Q 2019 till 4Q 2020 has thus many of the HDB units has experienced COV ( cash over valuation ).


HDB prices are growing at the fastest pace since 2013



Prices also grew at its fastest pace despite of the Covid-19 situation.


Sharp HDB prices growth in 2020



Will there be new cooling measures on HDB market?


There were also talks on cooling measure might come in placeā€¦


Reduction in MSR was introduced in 2013 when HDB prices grew 1.3% qoq (1Q 2013)



Cooling measures were introduce back in 2013 when HDB grew 1.3%, what would happened when HDB grew 5.5%???


Realized gains or paper gain?



Would you cash out NOW or wait????


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