How to sell 1 buy 2?

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How to sell 1 buy 2?

Sell 1 Buy 2


4 simple step to sell 1 and buy 2

This option is for those who does not have a temporary place to stay and have the financial capabilities….


Background: Mr & Mrs Tan owns a HDB flat


Step 1

Mr & Mrs Tan buys 1st condo as Tenants in Common 99/1 shareholding

Mr Tan – 1%

Mrs Tan – 99%

Pays BSD & ABSD for 1st condo


Step 2

Sells HDB flat within 6 months

Obtain refund of ABSD


Step 3

Mr Tan sells 1% share in 1st condo to Mrs Tan through Decoupling

Mr Tan (SSD applies if within 3 years) – free to buy a 2nd property 

Mrs Tan (BSD on 1%) – owns solely on 1st condo


Step 4

Mr Tan buy 2nd condo (own 1 condo)

Mrs Tan owns 1 condo


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